Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding invites!

One of my best friends, who is also my cousin, is getting married next year. She is the first of our batch of cousins to get married. I always thought I would get hitched first being the oldest, but she bet me to it! Her husband to be seems like a swell guy, never met him, but I'm sure he's great.

So she asked me to design her wedding invitations. It's quite the honor! I've always wanted to do wedding design, and what a perfect way to start then to do something up for family!

She wanted something simple with a sans serif font. Just a basic design, nothing crazy fancy or over the top. And she definitely did not want script font.  The main colors they're using for the wedding is a cream color and navy blue. But she also wanted a nice accent color too. I thought pink would be nice, but maybe also red, since the hubby's uniform will be red (he's in the navy).

Right now I just wanted to show you all the rejects. I won't be posting the one her and the hubby picked until she sends them out to their guests. When I do post the final design, I will also post the RSVP cards, place holders and envelopes. And maybe a few snap shots of it all together. :)

So enjoy the rejects!

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