Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lots of Work

I got a new freelance gig! I'll be designing the weekly promo posters, ads and their chalk boards for a local bar & eatery called Winston's. There are also some future plans that they have that I'll also be working on for them too, but I can't announce it yet, because they're not for sure yet.

Anyhoo, redesigning the initial layout and header designs has been a lot of fun! Here's one of the posters that I've done so far:

Also have been working on some new paintings to sell and display at Plan B. I will be setting up my space later than I thought. So now I'll have my stuff up and ready for sale on September 30. I'll also have some holiday stuff up too, just in time for Halloween and Christmas! The Christmas stuff will be in later on! It's still too soon for all of that!

Still have to finish my cousin's wedding invites, but I have a few designs done for her, and can't wait to show them to her! I hope she'll love them.

Plus, keep a look out for a give away I will be soon having! Still have to figure what I'll be giving away, but it will be awesome I can promise you that!

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