Sunday, August 15, 2010

Prints & Necklaces

Here is a list of prints and what size they are that I have available to buy. I also have necklaces for sale that I have made myself. To view the necklaces please go to my facebook fan page. Thank you for looking! If you would like to purchase something, please email me at


These come in a 4x6" and a 8x10" print.
4x6" - $3 each or all four for $10
8x10" - $8 each or all four for $25

Ice Cream Heads:

These come in a 4x4" or a 8x8" print.
4x4" - $3
each or four for $10
8x8 - $6 each or four for $20

Rainbow Dolls:

These come in a 4x6" print.

4x6" - $3 each or all five for $10

Pin Ups:

These come in 4x6" or 8x10" prints

4x6" are $3 each or both for $5
8x10" are $8 each or both for $15

King Thunder:

This comes in a 4x6" or a 8x10" print.
4x6" $3
8x10" $8


This comes in a 8x10" print

8x10" $8

Dope Idiot:

This comes in a 4x6" print
4x6" $3


The craft show this weekend went okay. I sold enough prints to cover the cost of the table plus 17$. Which I spent buying a few things and cupcakes. :3

None of my necklaces sold though. :c

But I did meet a bunch of awesome people and have a greater idea of how I'm going to do thing for the Hal-Con.

With all of that over now, I'm going bat-shit crazy with the newspaper I have to design for. Which is due today. And I'm only like half-way done. ;_;

I think once the newspaper is in order and gets more easier in time, I will start to finish off some of the illustrations that I started this week. Which is more poppy like art illustrations thingings.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Over worked

For the last little while I haven't been busy what-so-ever. No freelance jobs, no job and I had no inspiration to work on personal stuff.

Then 2 weeks ago I decided to get a table at a Art and Craft show. So I've been working like a mad woman to get some new illustrations to sell and have been making necklaces so much that my hand is getting cramp-y and sore.

Then this past week I had a meeting for a freelance contract job, which is for the St. Mary's University newspaper. I will be the only designer working on it. 16 page newspaper for each week for 24 issues. Lots of work but super exciting!

I also have had a interview at the UPS store, and I basically have the job. I have a second interview tonight to meet up with his wife/part owner. It'll only be part time right now, which is ok by me, since I have the freelance gig.

So the over worked part is that the art and craft show is on the 14th this month, and the freelance gig wants 4 initial layouts of the newspaper by the 15th. Which means that I will probably only get to finish up the necklaces that I am currently working on and just use some old illustrations for the show, so that I will use what little time I have to create the layouts for the newspaper.

It may seem like I am complaining, but I am not. I am so happy that I finally have work to do and a *hopefully* job. Being over worked is way better than not having a thing to do.