Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding invites!

One of my best friends, who is also my cousin, is getting married next year. She is the first of our batch of cousins to get married. I always thought I would get hitched first being the oldest, but she bet me to it! Her husband to be seems like a swell guy, never met him, but I'm sure he's great.

So she asked me to design her wedding invitations. It's quite the honor! I've always wanted to do wedding design, and what a perfect way to start then to do something up for family!

She wanted something simple with a sans serif font. Just a basic design, nothing crazy fancy or over the top. And she definitely did not want script font.  The main colors they're using for the wedding is a cream color and navy blue. But she also wanted a nice accent color too. I thought pink would be nice, but maybe also red, since the hubby's uniform will be red (he's in the navy).

Right now I just wanted to show you all the rejects. I won't be posting the one her and the hubby picked until she sends them out to their guests. When I do post the final design, I will also post the RSVP cards, place holders and envelopes. And maybe a few snap shots of it all together. :)

So enjoy the rejects!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lots of Work

I got a new freelance gig! I'll be designing the weekly promo posters, ads and their chalk boards for a local bar & eatery called Winston's. There are also some future plans that they have that I'll also be working on for them too, but I can't announce it yet, because they're not for sure yet.

Anyhoo, redesigning the initial layout and header designs has been a lot of fun! Here's one of the posters that I've done so far:

Also have been working on some new paintings to sell and display at Plan B. I will be setting up my space later than I thought. So now I'll have my stuff up and ready for sale on September 30. I'll also have some holiday stuff up too, just in time for Halloween and Christmas! The Christmas stuff will be in later on! It's still too soon for all of that!

Still have to finish my cousin's wedding invites, but I have a few designs done for her, and can't wait to show them to her! I hope she'll love them.

Plus, keep a look out for a give away I will be soon having! Still have to figure what I'll be giving away, but it will be awesome I can promise you that!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Plan B; Merchants Co-Op

Todays post is going to be all about Plan B. It's a store that will soon be opening down on Gottigen street.

A bunch of amazing people have come together to make this store happen. Luckily enough for me, I know some of those people, and will be renting out a small space in the gallery to sell and promote my work there! :D

I plan on selling my paintings and prints! Maybe a few little other things, it all depends on the set up there. But definitely I will be selling my paintings.

There will also be a ton of other artists and crafters and local people selling their work there too. Jewellery, clothes, records, antiques, mystic things, a little cafe, and all kinds of things! Seriously, anyone can walk into this store and find something that they will like. It sounds like it would be a bit over whelming, but they have a great layout, that everyone has a little section to their own, so it's not all right in your face.

I'm not sure when the doors open, but I know that it will be sometime this month! It's located on Gottigen street, so keep an eye out for it! Check out the facebook page for more updates.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

13th Annual Mosaic for Mental Health art exhibition & sale

I almost forgot about this wonderful fundraiser. back when I was selling at Alderney landing I came across a booth that was selling some of the past years tiles and I talked to them about the tiles and said that I would be more than happy to paint a tile for such a good cause. Then 2 months later, I'm like -oh crap, the deadline is approaching!

So I gathered the papers and the tile and started working. I have a great sketch done for it, now it just needs to be painted. The theme is courage, and I plan on calling mine, "making new friends". It does take courage to meet new people and to make new friends. I should know, I still have a hard time approaching people and making new connections, but I'm getting better at it! I'm not as shy as I used to be, which is great, especially since I'm trying to get my work out there.

So anyways, the deadline is September 21st, and the gallery will be open at the Craig Gallery at Alderney Landing from October 13th to October 30th. I can't wait! Tiles will be for sale for $25, and it's going towards a great cause! And there will be a ton of other artists paintings tiles too!

Here's a picture of what I have so far!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sky Maiden

As promised a post about the new acrylic paintings that I have worked on from the past few weeks.

Here is a process picture of Sky Maiden. Though about a quarter of the way I stopped taking pictures. I just forgot about it and was just too into it to keep snapping pictures of different steps.

She's the biggest painting I have done yet, 16"x20" ans she's looking for a home. Let me know if she'd be a perfect fit in yours. :) Details here: detail 1 detail 2