Tuesday, May 31, 2011


April M Designs will be selling at a few different events this year!

First up, Boardwalk Artists at Alderney Landing at the Dartmouth waterfront. It's on July 1st! I plan on creating new illustrations with a nautical theme! Being on the waterfront and all. :) Since it is in a month's time and super short notice, I'm going to be crazy busy! Because I have nothing done for it! And I just heard that my manager is going on a mini vacay next week. Which means I work full hours every day next week. Which is great, but holy poop, I'm not going to have a lot of time to do my own work.

Next, Art vs Craft Halifax! That's the art and craft fair I am having on August 20th! Not only do I have to create new things for myself for then, but I also have to organize the whole thing! So far I have got a lot of great response! Lots of people want to sell their work, and a lot of people support me! :) But I still have quite a few tables left that need to be filled. So let all of your friends know about it!

Next up is Hal-Con! The Sci-fi/fantasy convention! Which is November 12-13th at the World Trade centre! I have big big big ideas for it this year! Which I need to work on too! O_o So much stuff to do. I had a table last year, and it went pretty well, so I hope this year it will go even better! And maybe I'll dress up too in a costume. Which would be another thing to work on. lol.

Then! I miiiight have a table at Have Yourself  a Gothic Little Christmas. Which is December 3-4th. I met the lady who organizes it the other day, and she is like the sweetest little thing ever! Plus she is also organizing another craft fair around the same time. So she said I would have a table at that for sure! And since I don't really have anything gothic or steampunk or anything like that, I need to work on illustrating something that will fit those themes! But, once she plans the other event, I'll post a link up here.

I also have my work being sold at the cutest little shop in Dartmouth at the Harbourview Marketplace. Their shop is called Toxic Blossom, and they sell a lot of wonderful things! From locals, to all over the world! If you;re into cute, loltia, Japanese street fashion, that is the place for you! Plus they just relocated to a bigger area, and they now have a dressing room! Exciting!

And if you don't live anywhere near Nova Scotia, you can actually purchase my work online! Though, right now my online store is being overhauled, so you'll have to wait for a little while before you can! But it will be back up soon! :)

And I think that is everything! Please check out all of the links. Tons of great event and shops to check out!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flower Box

A month or so ago, my great Aunt was giving away some of her furniture and things since she is moving. I got a few things from her and one of things was a wooden flower box with artificial flowers in it.

It's pretty, but old and it wasn't really my thing. It was pretty dusty too. So I thought I could work my magic and make it into something new!

Everything I bought for this project was from the Dollar store. :)

Couple of coats of white.

I put some painter's tape on it for lines. Then I literally slapped black paint on it.

Hey is that a Zebra?

Added some dots.

And some pretty fake Gerber daises! I'm going to have to buy a few more bunches to make it fuller. I think it turned out alright! It's definitely different then what it was before. I like it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Art vs Craft Halifax

Some of you may know that I am currently organizing an art and craft fair. And if you didn't know, well, now you know.

This was my super awesome news I was talking about last month. And I'm just making a blog post now about it. I'm a really good procrastinator.

That fair is going to be in the maritime hall at the Halifax Forum on August 20th. I'm hoping to have 45 tables of local and away talented artists, crafters, jewelers, knitters, and a whole bunch more selling their wares.  Still looking for applicants! If you want to sell and promote your work, check out the Art vs Craft Blog for more info and how to apply.

The reason why I am organizing this is that I find that there are not enough craft fairs in this city. Sure we have a lot of Christmas fairs and we have the Farmers market, but that's not enough to help support the talented people of this city and province! There are a couple of other craft fairs, but none of them are really in the Summer time. Which is what I am doing, filling the void. Summer time is a perfect time to sell, because this is the time when we have a lot of tourists coming through who want to look and buy local art/crafts/what-have-you. And since it's at the forum, we have a ton of parking space and some of the major buses go past it.

I am pretty excited about this, as it is the largest thing I have ever organized before. And I know it will do everyone some good. My main goal is to help other artists and crafters out there to sell and promote their work. We're all in this together, right?