Friday, August 3, 2012

A little update

Haven't been posting in a while due to being pretty busy. At the end of June I was selling my work at the anime convention, Amimaritime in Moncton. It was an overall good experience, and I met a lot of talented people, but I will probably never do it again. Just not my type of crowd.

Then right after that I was getting things ready for the craft fair I organized, Art vs Craft. I had a lot of talented people there, but due to bad timing, I planned the event the weekend of the Tall Ships, so it wasn't very successful. Some vendors didn't return for the second day, which was in my opinion, super rude, and then others start packing in around 2 on the second day, even though we were supposed to be open until 6. But the people that did stay till the very end were super awesome and really positive.

I am planning on organizing more craft fairs next year, but not in the summer. I enjoy getting people together, helping out crafters and artists start out selling their work, and just meeting new people. It's great.

Now that all of that is over I am working full time at the store, which is awesome. I am also getting things ready for Hal-Con, which is the end of October. After that I have two christmas craft fairs to sell at. I've been busy getting things ready for all of these events, so keep a look out for new illustrations! Im planning a day of the dead series, and will be doing some more fanart, like Batman and maybe some more star trek pinups.

Also on the go I was commissioned to paint a cow skull! So I'll be posting some wip pics of that soon. I might also be painting the changing room at Plan B for Toxic Blossom. Pretty cool! Now I just need to get some design freelance and I'll be happy as a clam.

So that's it for now!