Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hal-Con 2014 Overview

Hi everyone! First things first. THANK YOU to everyone who came by my table! Whether you came by to chat, just browse or bought anything, thank you so much. It all means the world to me. Love to all of my old fans and new!

Now, Hal-Con was so great! This year I was on their design team, and it was great working on a team. If you were on the gaming floor and happened to pick up a copy of the Game Guide booklet, I did the layout for it! I also did some of the signage around the con too. Mostly signs for the costume contest.

I also went to the Hal-Con kick off show. First time I went to it and it was so much fun! Loved it.

As for the con itself, it was a lot of fun. I didn't get to go to anything or really do anything, but sitting behind the table, meeting people, watching the different cosplays walk by, and hanging out with friends, is truly the best. I got a few commissions, and between Sylvie and I, we sold 10 of our comic book 'Tales of Poe'! Pretty sweet!

Now that Hal-Con is over, I have other things to do. The major one, is packing! Moving into our house in 2 weeks. EEP!! I can't wait though. We're going to have so much more space. And I will actually have a proper set up for all of my art things. :D

Another thing is, I got a table at Gothic Little Christmas. And that's a week after we move! So crazy. But I got it before we even started looking at houses. So it will be a little crazy getting ready for it, but I think I will be fine.

After all of that, and settling into the new place, I will be starting up my own comic! I'm hoping to have it done by next year's Hal-Con, but no promises, I don't want to burn myself out.

For next year I am planning on selling at ECCE, DCAF, Hal-Con, and I'm going to see if I can do one of the cons in NLFD. My bf and I never been to NFLD, and think that maybe we could have our vacation there and sell at a con. Fingers crossed! It would be a lot of fun.

That's it! I have posted pics on my facebook page, so go check things out there! :D

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Guide for 1st time selling at conventions!

Ahhh Hal-Con is coming!

Are you a first time vendor and stressing to the max on what you should do for your table? You already know you’re selling prints of your fabulous work, but how are you going to get attendees to your table and buy your work? What do you need to bring with you? How are you going to do your set up?

Well I’m here to give a little bit of advice. I know there are lots of lists and tutorials out there showing set ups and what to bring. But from a local who has been doing this for years, I want to help out other local artists who are just getting out there.

When I first started, I had NO IDEA what I was doing, and hardly did any research of it. I also never been to a con before, or even really heard of them.

So first things first, do not stress! Even if you forget something or some of your prints didn't turn out the way you wanted them to, chances are, no one is going to notice and they are just going to enjoy your work and the event. It’s hard not to stress, but your time at the event will be so much better.

Next, make a print list for yourself. What do you have done, what are you printing, how many are you going to print, and what size are they going to be?
Fifteen to 20 pieces of solid finished pieces of work is a good starting point. Ten to 20 prints of each one is a good amount to start with. Going crazy with getting a ton of prints of each piece is not worth it. You’ll end up spending a lot of money that you don’t need to spend right away. Popular sizes for prints range from 5x7”, 8.5x11”, and 11x17”.  You can even go bigger and get poster sizes, but they cost more to get done. If you’re just starting out, I would go with those 3 sizes. Some people only do one size. But sometimes depending on what is on a print, smaller can be better than bigger. Call around for quotes, look online to see where you can get your best deal for printing your work.

Want to do more than just prints? Buttons, magnets, key chains are the next best thing to prints at conventions. They are easy to move and people like buying them because they’re cheap and cute! Do research on where you can get your best deal. Don’t go out and buy a button maker, see how well your buttons do first, and then see if it’s worth the investment.

Price guide:

Small prints: 5x7” Can range from $1-$5
Regular/Medium prints: 8x10” or 8.5x11” Can range from $5-$10
Large prints/Small posters: 11x17” can range from $10-$25
Buttons: $1-$2
Magnets: $1-$10
Key chains: $5-$15
Do not UNDER SELL your work. You may think it’s for the best, selling your prints for the lowest amount at an event, but actually, it hurts the other artists around you. People will see how low yours are, and won’t buy from other people thinking their prices are too high. Keep your prices in that range, and everyone will be happy.

Other things that are fun to sell are bags, t-shirts, crafts and lots of other things! But if it’s your first time selling, I would keep things simple and start off with the basics. Then work your way up! :D


Keep it simple. People are quickly glancing at tables to see if anything will catch their eye. If your table is messy with a ton of product on it, chances are they will walk on by. Have a portfolio on your table so people can flip through what you have. Keep those prints in a box, or something that you can easily go through to find what print your costumer wants.
Buttons are fun to sort through, so put them in a big bowl or container. Keep them in sight, as there are some people who will easily pocket them. Talking from experience, buttons are really easy to steal. Nothing worse than counting up what you have left, to realize that a few were stolen.
Displaying prints and price lists are easy with a cube wire shelf. You see them everywhere at cons, and they really are a great investment. You can set them up however you like, and hang up your prints for everyone to see. You can always make your own displays, but if you’re lacking time and don’t mind spending about $30, they’re the best route to go.
Have a table cloth! Most places don’t provide table coverings, and tables can be pretty gross looking. Table cloths are great for helping you stick out, so get something fun, or in a color you love.
Have a Square? Make sure you display that you do loud and proud, so people will know you can take their credit cards for payments.

My first time selling at a big event. This was Hal-Con 2010. Everything as just spread out all over the place! 

Second time at Hal-Con. Still learning the ropes. My display is a bit better, things are upright and people can see them. Pink table cloth to stand out a bit more!

My third time at Hal-Con. This was the first year using the wire set. Nice and simple! 

4th year at Hal-Con. I was trying out a new display for my shirts and bags. Turns out it was too big and in the way. Plus it kept falling over. But I stood out besides that, with a nice bright banner and fun tablecloth!

This was at East Coast Comic Expo. My first time selling there. Still selling shirts, but this time I laid them out. Plus the table was 2 feet longer than most convention tables. I could really spread myself out more. Also, you can see that I forgot my table cloth! Whoops!

Here's another way of display my shirt and bags. I hung them from the cube wire set. A bit easier and out of the way. 

As you can see, you can really evolve and make your display yours. Just keep playing around with your setup! One good way of figuring things out is do a mock up display at home. Don't have a table big enough? Tape out the 6'x2' space on the floor and do it from there. 

Other things to consider having at your table:
Have a money box that locks. My first couple events, I had a Tupperware container to hold all of my money. Not very safe to have open money lying around, even if you are beside it at all times. Also make sure you have a good float. Have a lot of five dollar bills and Loonies and/or Twonies. Most people are going to pay with twenty dollar bills, and they might only be buying a small ticket item. And you’ll get a lot of that. Then next thing you know, you’re out of small change, and the banks are closed. So it’s best to have a large float just in case. Some cons will have someone going around changing your cash if you do run out. I tend to get a roll of Loonies and about $100 worth of fives. If you’re selling your stuff with $0.50, get a roll or two of quarters too. Another good idea, is keeping a sold list. Keep track of what you have sold throughout the day.

Bring a bottle of water and some food. Granola bars, fruit, crackers & cheese, whatever! Though some cons do provide water for the whole event. Bring healthy snacks to keep you going. Sugary and fatty snacks are nice to have, but don’t make your whole weekend a snack feast. Some places will have food on site, and allow vendors to take the food to their tables. Or if you have someone who can cover your table, go out, get a breath of fresh air, and get some lunch. Just remember to keep yourself nourished. It will make the weekend so much better.

Take a sweater or blanket! Last year at Hal-Con I was so cold, I had to wear my winter coat! So take the extra sweater just in case the AC is cranked. Sitting around at your table it will be cold, but for people who are walking around in the crowds, it does get warm.

If you’re going to do commissions, take extra pens and pencils and erasers, paper, everything. You never know if your pen will explode or you run out of lead. Take extra just in case. And if you are doing commissions, make sure you have a big enough sign out, so that people know you are.

Take your phone charger! There are plugs around the building, so if your phone dies, you can hang around a plug for a bit to charge it. Or if you’re lucky, you will have a plug by your table.

Don’t want to draw or need a break from it? Take a Gameboy or a book, or something that will keep you occupied during the slow times.

Want people to notice you? Stand up at your table if you can. Keep eye contact, say hello, compliment people on their costumes, and take pics! Just be interactive with people. It will make them come over to check out your work. Maybe they will buy something!

One other thing to bring with you are business cards! Even if someone doesn’t buy something from you,  chances are they will take a business card and look you up online. Even if you don’t have a website, putting your facebook link or Deviantart account will make them check you out, and maybe even gaining another like or watcher. Between 100-500 cards is a good starting point. Look around online or at local printers to find out what is best for you. You can even print your own if you wanted to. Just make sure to bring them! Some people might want something of yours, but already spent all of their money, so when they do have a cash flow again, they may just message you about something they saw of yours and buy it!

Last but not least, HAVE FUN! Even if you’re not selling a lot, don’t be bummed! People want to see happy vendors. If you’re giving off a happy vibe, chances are they will come over and say hi, or buy something. You’re getting your name out there; don’t worry about what others around you are making. Be happy and have fun.

I think that’s it. That’s pretty much the basics on having a table at an convention. 


Have fun at your first convention. Don't stress. Don't compare your sales to other peoples sales. Keep things simple. Don't undersell yourself. Keep nourished and hydrated. Take extra things with you, like a sweater, pencils, paper, snacks, etc. Bring business cards. Have a price sheet. Take a money float. Make a check list. Just have fun and be happy and smile! You can do this! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014


So I am super lame, and have noticed that I actually get comments on some of my posts. Ahaha, I didn't ignore them, I just didn't realize that people comment. So thank you to everyone who has posted something nice about my blog! I also hit over 10k views on this site. Which is craaaaazy! So thank you for looking at my blog site!!

Now onto the reason I came on here to write about. I got a lot on my plate again (surprise, surprise?) and want to try to get most of it done for the big event of the year!, Hal-Con. I'm hoping I can get most of it, if not all of it, done. Mainly the comic I am working on with friends. Which should be done by the end of August and published for October!

Second, this summer I want to get some dresses and leggings done up with some new patterns I'm currently working on. One is going to be based on some things that Halifax people will enjoy (I hope). And of course, it'll all be super cute! Cause what else would I do? Once I'm done with the patterns, I will be open for pre-orders of the dresses and leggings. I can't afford to buy in bulk, which is why it's pre-orders only (for now).

Another thing I would like to get done is a series I've been thinking about for the past year. It's fanart based, and won't be announcing what it is until Hal-Con. Cause sometimes people like taking other peoples ideas (though I'm sure others have done similar things like this, but whatever. I just want to be the only one there with something like it, it's a small city, okay!?). I'm hoping to have about 6 different illustrations done for it, max 10! ahah, I don't want to go too crazy over it, because I have more things I would like to do!

And one more thing. ANOTHER series! I want to do some of my own original monster girls, so I think that will be pretty fun and chill to do. Prob like 5 girls or so. I'm not in a crazy rush to get them done. But if I can get a few drawings done by the time Hal-Con comes, I'll be pretty happy.

I'm not sure how I'm going to get it all done this summer. I have a ton of things I'm doing outside of work and freelance work, and my own personal work. Like hanging out with family and friends (lucky me no weddings this year!), going on mini day/weekend trips with the bf (going to try to hit up all of the new breweries in the province!) and my big vacation! My bf and I will be heading across the pond to London and Paris for a week and a bit! Ahhhhh!! I'm so excited! I have no idea what I want to do or see, there's just so much, and so little time! But I'm sure we'll figure it all out soon! We're leaving August 30th, so tons of time to still plan ahead. ahahaha...... I'm sure we'll be fine. It's going to be my first ever big trip! Super excited! *and a tiny bit nervous*. :D

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

*Almost* another year Around the Sun

Ahhh, My birthday is May 26, which I'll be turning 29. Seeing the number weirds me out a bit, but I don't feel like I'm nearly hitting my 30s. Though I am starting to see small signs of aging. Which is fine!! It's cool.

Anyways, moving along!

I just sold at East Coast Comic Expo for the first time, in Moncton, and it was a blast! I do believe I will be getting a spot for next year as well to promote a comic I am working on with two friends! Which will be totally epic.

I sold at a couple of other events too so far this year. And they were ok.

I'm hoping to hear back this week to see if I got a spot at DCAF. Fingers crossed I do! Because then I will be showing off things of the comic. Like a teaser.

Then it's Hal-Con!! I heard back from them and I got my table. All paid for, so I can relax. That's when the comic will be officially be debuting in print form. I can't wait!! It's so exciting to be working on this. I am also planning some super cool illustrations to sell. Some fanart pieces, and some originals. Some illustrations will be based on Game of Thrones, Marvel comics, Sailor Moon, 90s cartoons.

I am planning on retiring some prints of mine. Chibi Disney Princesses prints and buttons will be sold for the last time at Hal-Con 2104. Also Mushroom Fairy, Mermaid Glitter, Viking Scouts (and all of the individual ones), Devil Pinup, and Witch Pinup. The reason behind it, is because my work has improved quite a lot these past few years, and feel like I can be displaying/selling ones that reflect what I can do, instead of what I have done. I have been working on some original work, so that my portfolio isn't filled with fanart. It sells so well at conventions, but it's such a cop out to make money at these things. I hope people will appreciate my original work just as much. I'm planning on doing more pinups and like monster girls.

Speaking of original work, I am trying my hardest to get a painting done by the first of June to be put in a gallery. More of that to come later to see if I can get in it! I'll post that on my Facebook account.

In other news, you can find my work on tees, bags, and buttons at a few shops! In Halifax, you can go down to the waterfront and check things out at Toxic Blossom. Or you can swing by Charlottetown, PEI to Papercakes Pretty to see what I have for sale there. Both shops have amazingly cute and pretty things!!

So that's it! That's all of the news I have for a bit. Keep up to date by liking/following my Facebook page!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Good Times Ahead!

Am I taking on too many things to do? Maybe, I just might be on the cusp of being in over my head. 

Recently I have gotten back into freelance mode for design work. I got on a great paying gig and an awesome pro-bono gig as well. Which is great really, I need more stuff for my portfolio. So that has been/will be taking up my time after my full time day job. 

But on top of that, I have also been focusing on my illustration work and have applied to sell at numerous events that are coming up (some coming up rather quickly). 

I've also have taken on a cool project with two good friends, and we'll be making a short story comic book based on some of Poe's work. We hope to have it out and ready for reading for Hal-Con (November). 

I am also being a part of a reality web series for an Arcade shop. 3 artists are going head to head in a revamp competition. We have 2 episodes shot, and some filler clips. A few more and it will be aired!! Check out the site to get all of the latest info. Arcade Revamp.

And now I decided to take part in an upcoming gallery exhibit. So yea. 

I might be biting off more than I can chew. But I love it. I love working under pressure. I find I do my best work because of it. So weird right? 

SO with that all said, here is a list of the events I will be participating in. 

NEStalgia - Video game art show - Opening night March 21st at the Dart Gallery.

Spring Geekquinox - March 22-23rd at the Halifax Forum

Aubcon - April 26 at the Auburn Drive High School (small con like event)

East Coast Comic Expo - May 17th at the Crossman Community Center (Moncton)

Maybe DCAF - More info to come if accepted. *fingerscrossed*

Hal-Con - November 7-9 at the World Trade Center. 

And that's it so far. I'm hoping I'll be accepted into DCAF. Now that they are so popular, they are taking comic artists over just artists, But with a comic book in the works, I hope they will take that into consideration. 

I hoping that's it. ahaha, Though I do have a tendecy of applying to other events on a whim, but luckily for me, my bf brings me back to reality. Most of the time. ;)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Halifax Arcade Revamp

Hey everyone! As some of you know I will be taking part in an awesome web series contest for an arcade shop. There's going to be three artists competing against each other to revamp an arcade machine. Not the mechanics, just the outside part to make it look all awesome like.

They just launched their website, so check it out!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I never write shit in here ever, but here we go! ~

My 2013 round up. 

Last year was an interesting one. I feel as though I didn't accomplish a lot of things that I wanted to do, but I did some small things, that are pretty good. 
Every year I write in a journal my goals, and then on January 1st, go through said list and see what I did do! 
My weight loss goals basically went out the window at the end of the year, and gained all of my efforts back and then some. :c
There were business plans I had, and they all went away. I decided trying to start up my own business wasn't quite in the stars for me. I'll try again down the road when I have more of an insight on what I want to do. 
My boyfriend and I had plans to go to Europe, but they fell through, as we left our planning to the last minute. 
One goal was to get my work in some local galleries, and I did! Sort of. A local store has like a cafe/gallery area, and they let me do my own show, plus organize another one for multiple artists. The only thing I didn't like about it, is that the location wasn't great. But it was free, so I can't complain too much. 
I sold at a few events, and a few new ones. All-in-all, I'm done with craft fairs, and will be focusing on conventions and other small events that are similar. 
One goal was to go to networking events. I found an awesome group of people called the East Coast Creative Collective. And Made some new friends along the way. I'm planning on going to more meet ups, as it's fun, and helps with art block. 
I also wanted to get an online store together, and get t-shirts printed. Which I did! And I sell them at a local store. So that is pretty awesome. 
Other things I accomplished throughout the year, was working a full year as full time, I got a raise and bonuses. I also am off of my anxiety medicine, and doing much better going out and hanging with people in large crowds. I no longer get dizzy, and my face doesn't go numb. :3 Though there are still times, when I will back out of things last minute. It's going to take a while, but I am slowly getting better. 

Goals for 2014

Almost every year my goals are basically the same. But here's a list of things I would like to accomplish by 2015. 
  • Get active and lose weight. I am currently at my heaviest I have been since college. 220lbs is not fun. My all time goal is to get back to 170lbs. That's 50lbs, which I know will take longer than a year to do, but I want to get back on track, get active and eat better. 
  • Go to Europe! My bf and I are currently planning things now, so we will be all ready to go in the fall. 
  • Buy a house. Yup! This is a big goal, and my bf and I will be looking when we get back from our trip. He has some money saved up, and will hopefully be selling some land back home to go towards a nice down payment for one. We are hoping to stay in the area we are in, as it's a nice place, and has plenty of amenities, such as schools. (planning ahead ;) )
  • start up comic with 2 friends. We have theme of what we want to do and how to do it. Now we just need to get things on paper. 
  • Sell at local conventions: Geek Fest (Halifax), East Coat Comic Expo (Moncton), DCAF (Dartmouth) and Hal-Con (Halifax). I won't be selling at craft fairs or any holiday events. They're expensive and my work does not fit in that scene. 
  • I'm hoping on finding a Graphic Design job here in the city. My current job is great, but it was supposed to be an "in between jobs" job, and now I've been there for over 3 years now. Time to buckle down and work on my portfolio and really start looking again. 
  • Get a silk screen press. I do enjoy having t-shirts made up with my work on them, but I really want to make my own. I find it's more personalized that way. So I'm saving up and see where it goes. 
  • Draw everyday. Every goddamn day. 

My goals for 2014 is to lose weight, practice drawing, make a comic, get a silk screening press, find a better job, travel and buy a house with my bf. 
That's it, that's all. Here's to a great year ahead!! <3 p="">