Tuesday, December 18, 2012

End of Year Update

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates and posts. The last few weeks have been busy. I was in two Christmas craft fairs, and they took up all of my free time. They went fairly well, but the last one wasn't very successful, sales wise. Oh well. It's always nice to hang out with fellow crafters and my table neighbor is one of my favorite artists in Halifax. So I got to pick his brain about things most of the weekend. 

Now that they are over and done, I will be taking a break from fairs and conventions until the Spring. I have some big plans and I need the time to actually work on them. So that's why I'm taking a break for a few months. Plus I really want to work on my portfolio and get ready for a gallery coming up (which I will write about later, it's awesome news btw). I also am going to present my work more professionally as well. Instead of selling prints in just a protective sleeve, they'll be matted and in a sleeve, plus have a little write up on the back, have paintings in a frame or something that will protect them, and just things like that. At craft fairs it's hard selling prints like that and paintings, because no one really wants to buy something that they have to go out and buy more things for. They want a finished product. But at conventions, people just want prints so they can plaster it on their walls, or whatever. They want awesome art work for a cheap price, because they want to be able to afford to buy from other artists. This is what I have found while selling at things like this for the past 3 years. So hopefully 2013 things will go more smoothly and sales will be up. 

Another thing I want to work on is my organizational skills. I need to have a schedule of what I have coming up, and what needs to get done. Plus I need to get a new system on how to store my work and how to transport it better. Especially when I am travelling alone to a fair by myself. 

So ya, lots of stuff, kind of boring, but I need to do this in order to become a better artist/business person! Yea! :) That's all for now. 

Have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!!