Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Can't Wait

For this month to be over with.

As excited as I am, I just want things to be over with already.

I still have a few more things to finish and to get for Hal-Con. And I only have 5 more days left to do it all in.

On top of that, I will be working full day shifts this week, because my boss is going on vacation. So I won't have a day off during the week like I was planning. I also have to work Friday morning, and will only have less than an hour to get ready to go to the con for 12. So I will be running around like a headless chicken in the afternoon.

PLUS, this weekend, I have been and still am, working on SMU's newspaper. I have to get it done today, because I won't have any time tomorrow morning to fix anything. I will only have enough time to send it to print. So hopefully everything will run smoothly.

Because of my shift change (Not that I'm complaining getting full time hours, I need the money), I had to drop one of my plans for the con, and that was the costume part. I didn't/don't have time to make one. I have way too many things that are far more important than a costume. It would've been super fun to cosplay as Jem (maybe next year?). I do have a few wigs that I'll be wearing and will dress up, so I will have a bit of fun!

I'm also a bit nervous too.

I know a lot of people tell me they like my work. They think it's great, blah, blah, blah. Which is really nice.


No one will buy my work. I've tried many times selling my work online, like on facebook, esty and even have a deviantart print account. I haven't sold a thing.

I even had a table at a craft show in the summer, and sold only a few prints.

It's not like my prices are crazy or anything. I think people just tell me they like my work to be polite.

Family doesn't count, because they always say my work is good and have all of my crap up in their house. Because they're family!

Same with friends.

But I could be wrong though, and do extremely well, but for now, I think to be safe, I'm just going to think I'm not going to do well.

So negative I know! But I rather no keep my hopes up, to have them fall down and smash into tiny, itty, bitty pieces.

I will have fun for the weekend! I'm not going to let my negative attitude about my work get to me.

Oh crap, I made another whiny blog again.

I'll post how everything went when it's all over! And post some pics. So I guess, stay tuned? For whoever reads this. :)

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