Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stuff, Stuff and more Stuff

It seems like it has been forever and a day since I posted here last.

Now that Hal-Con is over, I have been taking 'er easy and just farting around. The past few days though, I have been starting on some small projects in hopes of selling at my little spot at Plan B and at future craft fairs.

I went to the dollar store the other day and had a feild day with some of the new frames they sell there now. Plus I bought a ton of glitter. Which makes everything more fabulous.

I printed off some Christmas cards that I designed last year and added some hints of glitter on them. And now my desk is covered in the stuff. Which is wonderful but it's also a complete mess. Anyway, I'm selling the cards in the store for $3 each. If you want them you can go there, or you could always email me about purchasing online if you're not in the area.

I also have some sketches of what I want to put in the ever-so-fabulous frames I purchased. Let's just say it will all be girly, pretty and sparkly!

And I still have some of my ACEO cards left over that I made to sell at Hal-Con. If you would like to buy them let me know! They're going for $3 each. Either water color or pen drawings. Get them while you still can while they are cheap! I do plan on doing more of these ACEO cards, but I will be putting more effort into them, so I will be charging more.

From left to right top to bottom: Sailor Moon (Pen), Sailor Moon (pen & marker), Sailor Moon (water color), Sailor Jupiter (water color), Sailor mars (water color), Sailor Venus (water color), Sailor Pluto (water color), Wonder woman (water color), Mermaid (pens), X-Men: Storm (pen & marker), Victorian Belle (water color).

Other than that, nothing else is new with me! Been busy with making posters for a local pub and working at my part time job. It's all good! :)

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