Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fun things ahead!

So some exciting news happening. I finally gave in and am now going to take a web design course. It's about time I expand my design services, and what better way to go back to school, sort of.  So I may become a little quiet on here for a few months.

With that said, Hal-Con is getting into full gear and being on the design committee, I have a few projects that I will be working on. I have one in the works, and for those of you who do go to Hal-Con, I'm sure you'll be very excited about!

And with Hal-Con comes some personal projects as well to get ready to sell! I am really hoping I will be able to find the time to drawing all 5 of the new Dr. Who companions, but if not, I will do two of the ladies. Clara and Rose. Maybe Amy too, she's my other favorite. I am hoping I will also be able to order in some shirts of popular designs as well as tote bags and zipper poaches.

I am also clearing out old prints, so there will be some you won't see anymore, because they are retired! Old work takes up space for new, exciting things! Anything from 2012 and beyond won't be making it back to my table. Unless they are numbered prints, I will sell them until they are gone.

I am also hoping to have a mini art book out too that will compile work from 2010 to now. It will featuring sketches, WIP shots and finished work.

One more thing before I finish here, my Patreon will be launching the first of September. I have finished everything I think that will work out for me and all of you who support me. Pledges range from $5-$25. You will get to see everything that I work on. I am trying to get a video thing set up so I can record me drawing/painting on the computer and maybe somehow set something up with my camera to show traditional drawings. There are other benefits too, but you'll have to wait and see on my Patreon page!

So that's it! Fun times ahead!

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