Tuesday, May 20, 2014

*Almost* another year Around the Sun

Ahhh, My birthday is May 26, which I'll be turning 29. Seeing the number weirds me out a bit, but I don't feel like I'm nearly hitting my 30s. Though I am starting to see small signs of aging. Which is fine!! It's cool.

Anyways, moving along!

I just sold at East Coast Comic Expo for the first time, in Moncton, and it was a blast! I do believe I will be getting a spot for next year as well to promote a comic I am working on with two friends! Which will be totally epic.

I sold at a couple of other events too so far this year. And they were ok.

I'm hoping to hear back this week to see if I got a spot at DCAF. Fingers crossed I do! Because then I will be showing off things of the comic. Like a teaser.

Then it's Hal-Con!! I heard back from them and I got my table. All paid for, so I can relax. That's when the comic will be officially be debuting in print form. I can't wait!! It's so exciting to be working on this. I am also planning some super cool illustrations to sell. Some fanart pieces, and some originals. Some illustrations will be based on Game of Thrones, Marvel comics, Sailor Moon, 90s cartoons.

I am planning on retiring some prints of mine. Chibi Disney Princesses prints and buttons will be sold for the last time at Hal-Con 2104. Also Mushroom Fairy, Mermaid Glitter, Viking Scouts (and all of the individual ones), Devil Pinup, and Witch Pinup. The reason behind it, is because my work has improved quite a lot these past few years, and feel like I can be displaying/selling ones that reflect what I can do, instead of what I have done. I have been working on some original work, so that my portfolio isn't filled with fanart. It sells so well at conventions, but it's such a cop out to make money at these things. I hope people will appreciate my original work just as much. I'm planning on doing more pinups and like monster girls.

Speaking of original work, I am trying my hardest to get a painting done by the first of June to be put in a gallery. More of that to come later to see if I can get in it! I'll post that on my Facebook account.

In other news, you can find my work on tees, bags, and buttons at a few shops! In Halifax, you can go down to the waterfront and check things out at Toxic Blossom. Or you can swing by Charlottetown, PEI to Papercakes Pretty to see what I have for sale there. Both shops have amazingly cute and pretty things!!

So that's it! That's all of the news I have for a bit. Keep up to date by liking/following my Facebook page!

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