Friday, October 7, 2011


I'm offering a few spots of commission work for the holidays. Paintings make for a great gift for someone or even yourself. I am offereing two types of paintings, they are listed below. Please email me @ if you want one! Will be done before the holidays!

Acrylic Painting $35 -8x10" canvas with a picture of whatever character you want. Perfect for RPG characters or fanart. Will do personalized paintings. These paintings are girly and whimsical. Please supply a ref picture if if you want a certain character/person done. Let me know if you want anything additional added to the painting. Like stars, hearts, etc. Or if you want a custom painting, just let me know what you're looking for. Like hair, colors, theme. Samples:

There are five spots available for this kind of painting: 


Digital Pinup paintings - $75 - 8x10" on semi gloss photo paper
$100 - 8x10" on streched canvas

Pinups can be personalized. Perfect for that special someone in your life. You will need to give me a ref picture to do this type of painting.

Or if you want a custom pinup girl, just let me know what you're looking for. Like hair, skin color, what she's wearing, theme, and what pose you're looking for. Please note I will only do classic like poses, and will not do full nude, I will draw boobies. No backgrounds. If you want 2 girls in a painting add an additional $25 to the price. Samples:
There are three spots available for this kind of painting:


Additional notes: 

These paintings are one of a kind works. I will NOT be reproducing any commissions. These are 100% yours. You CANNOT RE-SELL these paintings. You CANNOT REPRODUCE these paintings. If you want a tattoo of your painting, sure, send me a picture of it when it's done! :) I am allowed to post paintings on my sites for showcase only. You can post paintings, but please link back to my site so that people will know who did it.

I will only take paypal payments. I will take half of payment up front and once I receive that, I will start on your painting.  No refunds if you change your mind halfway through painting progress. If for some reason I do not finish your painting, you will be refunded what you paid. When you email me about getting a commission done, I will email you my paypal info.

I will only ship within Canada (for now! Might ship to the States at a later date). Please note that I only ship through Canada Post, that way shipping doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

If you have any other questions or requests, please comment below or email me @

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