Friday, August 19, 2011

Art vs Craft

It's tomorrow!

Getting super pumped about it! I have everything done for it yesterday. Which means I won't be going balls out tonight trying to get stuff done.

I have 4 new paintings done just for this event. 3 are 8x10" canvases and one is my biggest painting yet! It's 16x20"!

I will also be selling my fruit buttons, bookmarks, and prints of all of my digital work.

I also have greeting cards for sale which have photographs printed on them that I have taken in the past.

Besides me, there will be 40 other artists from around the area who are setting up shop! Want to take a peek of who will be there? Check out the twitter feed for it. I have been tweeting about everyone and have links to their webpages, blogs and facebook pages.!/artcrafthalifax

Be sure to come out! It's at the Halifax Forum in the Maritime Hall from 11-6pm. One day only!


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