Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flower Box

A month or so ago, my great Aunt was giving away some of her furniture and things since she is moving. I got a few things from her and one of things was a wooden flower box with artificial flowers in it.

It's pretty, but old and it wasn't really my thing. It was pretty dusty too. So I thought I could work my magic and make it into something new!

Everything I bought for this project was from the Dollar store. :)

Couple of coats of white.

I put some painter's tape on it for lines. Then I literally slapped black paint on it.

Hey is that a Zebra?

Added some dots.

And some pretty fake Gerber daises! I'm going to have to buy a few more bunches to make it fuller. I think it turned out alright! It's definitely different then what it was before. I like it.

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