Sunday, June 6, 2010


Or making necklaces, whatever.

I have recently been making necklaces again, as the last time I did was almost a year ago. Something about the Spring time gets me into a crafty mood.

I've bought new and more elaborate pieces to make necklaces with , so I hope this time I will actually sell some. I have 7 necklaces in total right now, and have enough beading and pendants to make about 7 more. I won't be buying anything else until they are sold. Or at least a few of them. That way I can buy more stuff and make more necklaces! Check them out here.

If nothing sells again, I will prob give up and just give the necklaces that are made as gifts.

I do like what I am currently making though, so hopefully others will as well. I'm really in love with one of the necklaces, as I love the color combo I choose. But I am going to sell it, because I know someone else will love it just as much and with that money that comes in I can make more of the same. Then everyone can be happy! :D

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