Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hal- Con

Hal-con is a sci-fi / fantasy convention that will be here in Halifax in October. I have been doing a few little things here and there for them. Such as web banners and their twitter background. I am now currently working on some out door banners and painting a Nintendo with their logo on it for them.

Not only am I doing some work for them, I am also going to be in the artist alley selling my work, along with some friends. I am getting super excited for this. I've been working on new illustrations and am getting pumped about getting them printed up as posters. My friends and I are also thinking of making charms, buttons, stickers and bookmarks with cute characters. And if we have the money, tote bags and quite possibly some books. I always wanted to have a book with my work in it.

If you'd like to see what else will be at the Hal-Con convention here is a link to their site: www.hal-con.com

If you do go, make sure to stop by my booth to say hello! :)

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