Monday, April 13, 2009

The first of many


So this is a new blog for me. I had one a little while ago, but stopped using it, because I filled it with relationship nonsense. And no one wants to read about that. I don't like reading about it, so why would I even write about it?

Moving onward!

Right now my life seems like it's at a stand still. "Do not pass go", "I'm at a dead end", "I'm on a dry spot"... etc. And this is why.

I work at a job I hate going to. No, it's not a tough job, it's a BORING job. I work with only 6 people, 3 of them I hardly ever see. My boss is either in his room, or out, and my other boss that I work with, is either gone, or in the other bosses room talking. So I usually have no one to talk to. Plus there's no music, no nothing, the only sound I hear is this giant printer.

Not only do I have no one to interact with, the work I do there is BORING. I make signs that are usually real estate signs, no parking, car decals, and pizza shops. On occasion we'll have something kinda interesting, but not really. And the stuff I get to design, is not that great either. I usually make layouts for no parking signs, and stuff that's just the same. I try to be creative there, but the clients like tacky shit from the 90s. Cause that's all they know. It's awful.

Also, trying to get some freelance work in this city is near impossible, and when someone does message me, when I tell them a quote, they never write back. People in this city are cheap fuckers. They would get something half-ass done for them because it's cheap. Though I have had some freelance work, but not enough to be like, "I may not have 3-5 years experience, but I do a lot of freelance work.". It's not good enough.

Graphic design shops, studios, whatever, here want someone with 3-5 experience, or someone with web design. AND, they tend to only hire recent graduates who went to NSCAD. Just because they have 4 years of going to school, doesn't mean they have more talent than me, or are better than me. Everyone has their own style, and their own way of doing things. So they shoudl consider other recent graduates too. IT'S NOT FAIR.

The only good thing right now in my life, is family, friends, and my bf. Though a lot of my good friends are far away, I kow that they're there, if I need them.

So I guess for now, I should be happy, and try to look for work else where. Like, not graphic design places, me and my bf aren't moving for a while yet. I have a few places that I have found, and I think I will apply to them. Though I'm not sure if any of them are hiring.

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